Single ram BOP
 Double ram BOP
 Three ram BOP
 Annular BOP
 Rotating BOP
 Cable operations BOP
 Slickline operations BOP
 Coiled tubing BOP
 Workover BOP system
 Sucker rod BOP
 Appendix for BOP

 High-pressure manifolds

 BOP control system

 Wellhead Device


 Ground control units

 High-pressure pipe fittings


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  The company's main products are drilling device, surface BOP and control equipment, wellhead, choke and kill manifolds, mud pipe, casing head, mud valve, valve, valve plate clamps and chemical enterprises chemical parts, ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, gate valve etc.
  Products are sold to Daqing, Jilin, Tuha, Xinjiang, Central Plains, North China, marine and other major oil fields and the rest of the world, the foreign market mainly American, Canada, Venezuela, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt.

Jianhu Haohui Electricity Petrochemical Machinery Co.,Ltd.(苏ICP备14035722号) 
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